InfiRay Outdoor RICO PRO 640 Variable 25/50mm Thermal Weapon Sight - INQUIRE ABOUT LEAD TIME BEFORE ORDERING

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The InfiRay Outdoor RICO PRO was built to do three things: make the best image possible, be easy to use, and be the most advanced dual field-of-view (FOV) thermal weapon sight available to the commercial market. InfiRay Outdoor’s patented dual FOV objective lens allows users to seamlessly switch between awide FOV for detection and a narrow FOV for target identification. Unmatched image quality paired withan intuitive and easy-to-use interface, HD display, 6-hour run-time, aluminum alloy housing, and 32GB of internal memory, gives you all the tools you need to take your hunt to the next level.

Device Technology: Thermal Imaging
Objective Focal Length: 25mm/50mm
Sensor Resolution: 640×512
Sensor Pixel Size: 12μm
Sensor Frame Rate: 50hz
Detection Range: 2400 Yards
Optical Magnification: 1.5X / 3X
Digital Magnification: 4X, stepped
Onboard Recording: Yes
Objective Diameter: 25mm / 50mm