PARD 2x19 TS34 Thermal Riflescope with Laser Rangefinder (50Hz) SHIPS OUT IN 1 WEEK

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Key Features

  • 384 x 288 VOx Microbolometer
  • 800 x 800 Circular LTPS Display
  • Base mag 2
  • Digital Zoom - 2/4/6/8
  • ≤25mK NETD
  • 1200-Yard Laser Rangefinder
  • Infrared Enhancement Algorithm
  • Focus Lever
  • Multifunction Control Knob
  • Image Shift Zero
  • Ballistic Calculator

The 2x19 TS34 Thermal Riflescope with Laser Rangefinder from PARD allows you to see your target in the dark as well as during the day, and offers a suite of functions designed to get you on target quickly. The TS34 looks like a traditional optical riflescope, but uses a 384 x 288 LWIR thermal sensor and PARD's Infrared Enhancement Algorithm technology to reveal targets obscured by the dark or bad weather. Its ≤25mK noise equivalent temperature difference at 32°F produces a clean, low-noise image.

The circular LTPS display offers a bright image with high contrast and the choice of six reticles. The rangefinder accurately measures the distance to objects up to 1200 yards away. Control is simple and intuitive with the focus lever and the multifunction control knob. Image Shift Zero makes it easy to keep your gun sighted in, the ballistic calculator computes your round's trajectory, and the long eye relief makes shooting safe and comfortable.

800 x 800 Circular LTPS Display
The display lets you see every detail of your target and provides high picture resolution. Experience high-clarity images with vivid colors.
Long Eye-Relief Display System
Four inches of eye relief allow you to see the whole with no danger of being injured by your rifle's recoil. A rubber eye cup is included to block stray light.
Uncluttered User Interface
The basic parameters are shown on both sides of the screen, so the middle area is maximized for you to observe your targets.
Focus Lever
The focus lever allows you to manually adjust your focus without losing sight of your target.
Multifunctional Control Knob
Fast and slow rotation and other control settings make it easy to adjust high distance and ballistic data values in just a few seconds. It's convenient for entering data for shooting considerations such as distance, velocity, altitude, etc.
Laser Rangefinder
Range targets up to 1200 yards away with low power consumption.
Image Shift Zero
Using image shift zero, the image will shift to the center and align with the crosshair center point. After zeroing for the first time, the impact point and the center of the crosshair will always align, which maximizes the use of the entire observation field.
Ballistic Calculator
The ballistic calculator can precisely calculate the bullet's travel distance and then indicate an auxiliary cross-hair on the side, giving you precise trajectory for long range targets.