Taken 4 Pack 18500 Rechargeable Batteries with 2-Ports Charger

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About this item

  • Versatile Battery - TAKEN 18500 battery compatible with solar lights, garden lights, security system panels, LED flashlights, landscape lighting.
  • Important NOTE - This is 18500 3.7V battery, high capacity 18500 li-ion rechargeable batteries with button top. NOT 18650 battery, it can not compatible with devices that using 18650 batteries.
  • Smart Battery Charger - High definition LCD displays real time charging status. Charges up to 2 rechargeable batteries in independently, without having to only charge batteries in pairs. Making the charging process visible status and stopping once completing charge intelligently.
  • Smart Battery Charger Temperature Protection - Stop charging automatically if the temperature of charger or battery gets too high when charging.
  • Environmentally Friendly - It is super convenient to use and replace one-time-use battery to save environment by preventing the waste of non-rechargeable lithium 18500 battery