InfiRay Outdoor ILR-1200-1 Laser Rangefinder for BOLT

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Part Iray-AC80

The InfiRay Outdoor ILR-1200-1 Infrared Laser Rangefinding Module seamlessly integrates with
BOLT V2 and BOLT SE Series thermal rifle scopes through a wireless connection. This advanced
module eliminates the need for guesswork in range estimation, oering precise results day or
night. With a range accuracy of +/- 1 yard out to 1,200 yards*, the ILR-1200-1 overlays these results
on the display of a connected BOLT Series rifle scope.
Featuring a compact and ultra-lightweight aluminum housing, the module is securely mounted with
an intuitive QD (Quick Detach) 30mm clamp mount ensuring ease of use, even when wearing
gloves. Elevate your range estimation capabilities with the InfiRay Outdoor ILR-1200-1, enhancing
the performance of your BOLT Series thermal rifle scope.